Booking Process

If you think that you will be needing a locum for holiday annual leave cover or maternity cover then let us know as soon as possible so that the bookings can be made to ensure we can provide you cover for the exact dates that you require.

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Payment Process

We have a large number of solicitors requesting cover. To ensure that you are able to have a valued locum ensure that you provide them where possible with some file notes and please ensure that you pay them promptly. This ensures a good client relationship for other locums booked.

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Locum Hourly Rates

Locum Hourly Rates

Our locum rates vary mostly according to the location of where the work is situated to take in the amount of travel time and expenses and if necessary and accomodation. We are happy to consult with you regarding rates and if the role is long term then or a daily or monthly rate can be paid and where appropriate  a pro-rata annual salary. If you feel that your case necessitates a tailormade quote for work then please do not hesitate to contact us for this.

Don't forget that all rates for the locums include transport costs, accomodation, taxes, national insurance and practising certificate and training.

CILEX qualified Chartered Legal Executive in Residential and Commercial Property.

Legal Executive/Solicitor rates:

Residential Conveyancing Locum  – 1-5 years PQE – from £25 per hour (Central London – from £35 per hour).

Residential and Commercial Property Locum  – 5+ years PQE, – from £35 per hour (Central London – from £40 per hour).

Commercial Property  – +5 years PQE – from £35 per hour. 

Commercial and Residential Property Consultant Advice  – +5 years PQE – from £35 per hour. 

Land Registration and Unregistered Land queries (Legal fees only excluding registration fees) + 5 years PQE – £35.00 per hour

Wills  – from £200. 

Power of Attorney Financial Decisions, Health and Care Decisions ( (Legal fees only excluding registration fees) – £300 per power of attorney, £500 for 2 powers

Certifying Documents (ie passport photos) – £7 per document

Swear of Oaths, Tenant and Landlord s42 Notices, Statutory Declarations – £5 per plus £2 per exhibit 

Most locums work self employed and so of course there may be periods that they will not work so the annual rates shown below are not entirely precise. However for your information our hourly rates are calculated by using the equivalent salary levels:

  • £25/hour = £865.00 per week or £45,000 pa
  • £30/hour = £1,057 per week or £54,000 pa
  • £35/hour = £1,250 per week or £64,000 pa

Don't forget all their travel expenses and accomodation will be paid of this amount and some weeks of the year they will not be fully booked or paid annual leave.




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